Methodists United in Prayer

  • Methodists United in Prayer is the covenant between The Methodist Church in Cuba and the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church. It is the largest and most successful mission of the Florida Conference.
  • There are about 400 United Methodist churches in Cuba with about 800 mission churches.
  • The financial burden on the shoulders of the United Methodist Cuban pastors is overwhelming with their limited resources. They earn about $20 a month and must sustain their own families, maintain their churches, help maintain their mission pastors and mission churches, often feed dozens of church goers weekly, and tend to those most in need. This is about half the salary of the average Cuban family since pastor’s wives are very involved in the church and do not have a second income.
  • FUMC Plant City is one of 214 churches in the Florida Conference to have one or more sister churches to help face and ease that burden.
  • We proudly participate in the Adopt a Pastor Program and sponsor two churches and their families: Belic Methodist Church with 2 missions and Palma de la Cruz Methodist Church. Palma de la Cruz was originally a mission of Belic United and has rapidly grown into a full-fledged church.
  • Our Cuba Mission Team has traveled to Belic numerous times carrying much needed supplies such as personal hygiene and clothing, Spanish language Bibles, a sound system for the church and even a water pump.

Our sister churches in Cuba need our support, both spiritually and financially, to exist and grow in a difficult and challenging socio-political environment. Our mission trips are essential for creating and maintaining relationships through personal contact and fellowship, and joyful worship of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our United Methodist Cuban brothers and sisters say our visits are “a breath of fresh air.”

If you would like to join us and see what God is doing in Cuba or to volunteer to go to Cuba, please contact Cindy Morselli.